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          1. Why Must An Industrial Chiller Be Used In Industrial Production?

            Why Must An Industrial Chiller Be Used In Industrial Production?

            Summary:  First of all, what is an industrial chiller?   An industrial chiller is a kind of cooling water eq...

              First of all, what is an industrial chiller?

              An industrial chiller is a kind of cooling water equipment, and an industrial chiller is a cooling circulating water equipment that can provide temperature control, a constant current power supply, and a constant current source. The principle of the industrial chiller is to introduce a certain amount of water into the water storage tank of the fuselage, and then the industrial chiller refrigeration unit sends the cooling water, and then the centrifugal water pump sends the ultra-low temperature cooling circulating water to the equipment that needs to be refrigerated. After going, the temperature rises and then flows back to the water storage tank, which exceeds the cooling effect.

              The cooling temperature can be automatically adjusted according to the requirements, and long-term use can save water. Therefore, the industrial chiller is a standard energy-saving and environmental protection equipment. It can also be briefly described in one sentence as cooling the water at normal temperature to a certain temperature through the refrigeration compressor of the industrial chiller to strengthen the refrigeration mold or equipment. The general output temperature of cold water is 5 degrees, and customers can request the output temperature to 0 degrees.

              Why must an industrial chiller be used in industrial production?

              In the process of processing, due to the continuous heat generation caused by mechanical equipment, abrasive tools, and industrial production, when the temperature exceeds the burden level of raw materials, the product quality will not be stable. Take the production of plastic products and the electroplating process as an example. Refrigeration in the production of plastic products The time accounts for about 80% of the whole cycle time, and the necessity of reducing the cooling time is not difficult to see.

              The refrigerated water can digest and absorb the calorific value immediately so that the temperature of the mold core can be reduced rapidly, the shape of the product can be accelerated, and the surface opening can be reduced. In the production of the electroplating process, refrigerated water can reduce the temperature of the electroplating process solution and stabilize the temperature within a certain range, so that the molecular structure of the metal material is quickly attached to the surface of the plated part with a stable current, making the product smooth and dense. promote.

              Where is the industrial chiller used?

              Generally speaking, it is suitable for processing plants with various plastic molding equipment, such as injection molding machines. It is also suitable for industrial equipment that requires refrigeration temperature, such as CNC lathes and other equipment. It is also suitable for refrigeration dryers, bleaching industries, electroplating industries, food companies, sauna baths, and other places that require refrigeration temperature, jewelry processing, and other industries. Industrial chiller (temperature range: +20℃ TO -25℃ adjustable) is widely used in various industrial production.

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