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          1. PC Series Strong Crusher

            PC Series Strong Crusher

            PC Series Strong Crusher

            (a) The whole strong crusher machine steel body structure is stable and durable, and will not affect the mechanical properties due to the pulverized material during use.
            (b) Heavy-duty bearing and oil seal device, with the addition of soundproof baffles, which can effectively prevent vibration and noise, and ensure that processed products are free from grease pollution.
            (c) The motor is equipped with an overload protection device, which is interlocked with the power supply to protect the system, and is equipped with a cleaning tool protection device to ensure safety during cleaning.
            (d) Powerful blades can be adjusted telescopically, and it is easier to crush all kinds of plastic products.
            (e) Separate design for more convenient strong crusher washing and unloading
            (f) The feet are equipped with pulleys for easier movement


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