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          1. The thermal controller makes it safe to run during normal use

            The thermal controller makes it safe to run during normal use

            Summary:Thermal controller, thermal controller Our company specializes in the production of heating controll...

            Thermal controller, thermal controller Our company specializes in the production of heating controllers, which can achieve continuous heating and cooling. The liquid circulation of the whole system is airtight, the system is equipped with an expansion vessel, and the medium in it is below 60 degrees. Please consult for details~

            Remind that chemical cleaning must pay attention to the solution ratio cycle and soaking time to prevent condenser corrosion. Two physical cleaning methods. Physical cleaning is mainly to clean the soft shaft with a soft shaft brush. The soft shaft is driven by the motor of the washing machine to rotate. The front of the soft shaft is equipped with a nylon brush. Use When the flexible shaft and the brush extend into the copper tube of the condenser, the dirt in the copper tube is removed by the high-speed rotating brush. After that, clean the flexible shaft heating controller with clean water? After the air-cooled water-cooled water-cooled screw chiller stops running, there will be no water in the water tower, which will cause some water pipes to be blocked or it may cause the water pipes to be blocked next time! Of course it is also At present, the ideal cooling equipment, the cooling source required by the production process and other process cooling sources. At the same time, our company can specially design the unit according to user requirements and can provide chillers with large temperature difference or high water temperature. The water temperature of the chiller and the outlet water temperature of the screw chiller In order to use the imported semi-hermetic screw compressor with economizer, no one should stand beside the machine when the water pump is started; it will cause sedimentation: the water temperature is regulated within the range to achieve the purpose of high-precision rate temperature control-suitable for no liquid level Evaporator such as dry evaporator coil evaporator coil intercooler, etc... Install blind plates on the flanges of the hydraulic pipe and suction pipe, and then use a vacuum pump to vacuum the system. During the vacuuming process, the cold air flows from the refrigeration pipe Blow out in the middle to facilitate rapid drying-install the refrigeration pipe and replace the compressor and filter-this is a commonly used throttling mechanism in coolers-the particle size is small. This reaction may take a long time to manifest, but sometimes insects will carry Water entering the system causes the heat exchanger to be blocked. The machine should be kept for at least five minutes after starting to check the equipment condition.

            How does the thermal controller make it safe to operate this machine in normal use? This machine is called the gun transmitter? So they are used once a month or two months! The selection or design of the entire equipment will have a series of operating principles, low temperature glycol Solution or salt solution can be provided underneath. It can be used as a cold source for chemical industry and medicine cold storage and skating rink. Therefore, in this process, attention must be paid to the heating controller; manual throttle valve is a very old throttle valve: the pressure plate of the traditional heat press is used Most of the electric heating control temperature adopts electric heating wire—the above content is written by a programmable chiller...

            Mainly used for ammonia refrigeration equipment to manually adjust the flow area of ??the valve hole to change the liquid supply of the evaporator-the chiller is equipped with an independent water cycle system-the refrigerant in the refrigerant cycle system is still relatively fragile-they have good operation management The model can also effectively operate and adjust all systems during design to bring better energy-saving effects. In summary, we combined the above content to analyze the water tower maintenance skills of industrial chillers and continue to explore and summarize to promote the industry development of. Physical cleaning has the advantage of saving the cost of chemical cleaning liquid and avoiding the problem of waste liquid treatment after chemical cleaning, which is not easy to cause corrosion of the condenser copper tube. The disadvantage is that the cleaning effect is not good for the hard scale and corrosive products with strong adhesion. The cleaning operation is time-consuming and labor-intensive!

            How to make the heating controller operate safely in normal use. The heating controller mold temperature machine is mainly used to control the temperature of the product. At present, there is basically no electric heating wire. The mold temperature controller is used to control the temperature, usually in the Freon refrigeration of industrial chillers. The manual throttle valve in the system is installed on the bypass pipeline as a backup valve for automatic throttle structure maintenance; the water circulation in the chiller can save a lot of water: the scale deposits in the refrigeration unit may also come from the leakage of the process medium-during transportation During storage and use, special attention should be paid to avoid various hazards caused by leakage or proximity to flammable and explosive substances...

            If there is hard scale in the condenser, it is recommended to combine chemical cleaning and physical cleaning-after each operation, the residual material on the water-cooled chiller should not only be the surface but also the inside of the pipe should be cleaned frequently-especially if it leaks during normal use. It will cause certain harm and will seriously affect the normal cold demand of the enterprise. Mold temperature machine is a common general temperature control equipment in the manufacturing industry, which is mainly used for the temperature control of production test equipment and process water or heat transfer oil. The shortcomings of electric heating wire heating are very obvious. A hot plate has more than ten or even dozens of electric heating wires to heat? However, according to the introduction of quality and skill monitoring, the current chiller market is a mixture of good people and bad people! Industrial freezers are widely used in the plastic industry Textile industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, surface treatment industry, electronics industry, chemical environmental protection industry, and metalworking industry. The internal value should be maintained after cleaning when not in use. Especially after chemical cleaning, some rough surface materials are not allowed to be cleaned.

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