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          1. R&D and production of biodegradable injection molding machines is a corporate mission and a social responsibility

            R&D and production of biodegradable injection molding machines is a corporate mission and a social responsibility

            Summary:At the beginning of the new year in 2021, the epidemic rebounded and the plastic ban was officially ...

            At the beginning of the new year in 2021, the epidemic rebounded and the plastic ban was officially implemented, and China's plastics industry once again faced a year of coexistence of opportunities and challenges. How to stabilize production, ensure employment and promote development in the plastics manufacturing industry is still a hot topic in 2021. As an emerging media in the plastics industry, Wansu Culture Media, in conjunction with Jufeng Plastics and Graphic Culture, jointly launched a large series of special reports: "The Power of "Plastic"—A Tribute to Industry Leaders. It aims to spread corporate social responsibility, promote the spirit of craftsmanship, and establish a positive energy benchmark in the industry. It also hopes that the plastics industry will receive more attention and more people will participate in the development of intelligent plastics.

            With the popularization of the Internet and the development of the fast food industry, the demand for disposable fast food boxes is growing rapidly. In 2019, my country's disposable fast food boxes exceeded 40 billion. In 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, one-time take-out lunch boxes exceeded 45 billion, and more than 60 million plastic lunch boxes were used every day. At present, 90% of the take-out meal boxes are made of polypropylene, which makes it difficult to remove the odor, and is not degradable in the buried land, which puts huge pressure on the environment.

            As my country's environmental protection policies become more stringent, the prevention and control of plastic pollution will continue to be strengthened, and my country's plastic products will shift from non-degradable plastic materials to more environmentally friendly degradable materials. In order to respond to the call of the national environmental protection policy and solve the problem of plastic pollution from the source, the plastics industry actively assumes the responsibility of green environmental protection. Many companies seek technological breakthroughs from their products and strive to make a contribution to the production of degradable plastic products.

            We take the initiative to assume social responsibility, and we have made arrangements in advance at the beginning of the establishment of the company, taking the development and production of biodegradable material injection molding machines as the core task of the company, and gaining the trust of users in the process of continuous improvement and promotion of recyclable and biodegradable products.

            "Plastic products have now become indispensable necessities in our lives, but they cause great damage to the environment. As a manufacturer of injection molding machines, what we can do for the society is not only to provide products for the society, but also to stand Think from a high angle, how to create environmental benefits for the society through our own efforts!" The company not only promoted the development of environmental protection, but also achieved excellent results of up to tens of millions of output values ??during the production of biodegradable injection molding machines. .

            The long-term persistence in the development of the industry is related to He Honglei's personality. He is born with a calm and stable personality, and he will do everything he is looking for. Although he faces the cold and noisy injection molding machine every day, He Honglei can always settle down and explore the machine seriously.

            After several years of exploration and precipitation, He Honglei is very familiar with injection molding machines and has rich experience in technology. With the gradual deepening of the understanding of the industry, He Honglei keeps up with the times and constantly improves his technology. "The times are moving fast, and technology must follow, and we must continue to strengthen and update!"

            In traditional injection molding machines, raw materials need to be baked and dried before work, which requires the assistance of dryers. The use of a dryer will not only cause the problem of impermeability of raw materials, but also emit waste gas during the drying process of hot air circulation, causing environmental pollution.

            The dehumidifying and exhausting injection molding machine does not require the investment of a dryer. It can independently remove the surface and internal moisture of the raw material particles, which greatly improves the quality of the product, saves electricity, and eliminates the labor costs for later maintenance, which greatly improves the company's Competitiveness!

            In addition, it also independently developed a human-computer interaction system. The conventional standard control system mode is fixed, and users need to be trained to operate the system. In the process of operation, employees are required to input process operation parameters multiple times. In order to allow users to use the system faster and solve the user's difficulties in operation, the control system can be improved through research and development to make the user's operation easier.

            "We have made unexpected good results from the unpredictable future. The most important thing is: persistence, don't give up, and innovate!" We also believe that as long as we persist in technological innovation, no matter how the external market environment changes, we have the courage to move forward. The courage and the confidence to overcome all difficulties!

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