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          1. What Should a Buyer Consider When Purchasing a Strongcer?

            What Should a Buyer Consider When Purchasing a Strongcer?

            Summary:The Strong Crusher is one of the most dependable industrial machines. It is equipped with three rows...

            The Strong Crusher is one of the most dependable industrial machines. It is equipped with three rows of rows where the feeders slide in, keeping the rollers on the top fixed to the steel structure. This assures consistent feeding. The steel column, having a cross section containing four cutting teeth and a layer of lubrication, is fixed at the rear of the crusher. The machine has an automatic button for each piece feeding, each cutting tooth being fitted with a stopper, preventing slippage from the counterbalance arm.

            (a) The main benefit of the strong crusher is its heavy-duty performance that ensures safe operation. (b) The steel column is fixed to the machine and is well protected from vibration, noise and excessive heat by having a special protective device fitted. The high-grade steel and graphite construction of the protective device to reduce rusting and ensures long service life. (c) The non-perforated feed-plate is securely fastened to the machine components including the blade. The feed-plate is also fully covered with graphite, thereby eliminating corrosion.

            (d) A removable plate, fitted between the machine and the cutting edge, enables attachment of various accessories to increase cutting speeds and power. For example, in a high-grade crusher, a blade sock is fitted to enable a blade rotation at increased speed. Similarly, the blade slip-on adapter is available for attachment to a wide range of machines. This facilitates blade changes as per changing requirements.

            (e) When functioning in an environment where vibration is a factor, the strong crumple design ensures safe operation. The design also ensures adequate support for the entire rotating assembly and eliminates the problem of vibration transfer to the machine and therefore enhances smoothness and functionality of the crusher. (f) The high-tension spring fitted between the blade and the cutting edge is designed to reduce the chances of damage to the machine. It has been specifically designed to work in adverse conditions such as high temperature, high humidity, corrosive agents, oil, water and many other such factors.

            (g) Durability is one of the important factors that one must consider while choosing a crusher. While purchasing a new crusher, ensure the strength of the steel by measuring the tensile strength obtained after welding. Also, the thickness of the steel must be considered. After assessing all these factors, it is best to go in for a dealer who offers warranties and support for their products. This will ensure a trouble free ownership of your crushers.

            (h) The number of teeth must be considered. The number of teeth in the crusher should be appropriate. A high number of teeth in the crusher will ensure more suction power but will also decrease its performance and efficiency. Therefore, the choice of the size of the blades must be done after considering performance and efficiency. As with the strength of the blade, it is best to buy a crusher from a dealer who offers lifetime warranty so as to ensure optimum performance and efficiency of your crushers for many years to come.

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