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          1. Safety operation rules of injection molding machine

            Safety operation rules of injection molding machine

            Summary:(一) Safety requirements before starting up (1) When entering the work post, you must wear work cloth...

            (一) Safety requirements before starting up

            (1) When entering the work post, you must wear work clothes, work caps, work shoes, gloves and other labor protection articles neatly and complete.

            (2) Check whether the raw materials and accessories used are qualified, and check whether there are impurities and foreign bodies in the raw materials before adding materials.

            (3) Check whether the mold and its fixing bolts, each travel switch and control rod are loose, whether they are reliable, and whether the tools used are complete.

            (4) When the first shift is turned on after a holiday, use a test pencil to check whether the equipment is leaking, and check whether the cooling water system is blocked or dripping.

            (5) When the barrel is heated up, the barrel cooling water must be turned on at the same time. When the winter is cold, the temperature in the workshop is low, the oil pump should be switched on first, and if no abnormality is found, the drive should be idling for 10-15 minutes before normal production.

            (6) Check whether the guide rails and guide pins of the equipment, molds are clean, wipe them with clean cotton yarn, and add oil to the lubrication points.

            (二) Safety requirements for start-up production

            (1) After the barrel temperature reaches the technological requirements, the machine should be kept at a constant temperature for 30-60 minutes before turning on the machine.

            (2) The operating procedures must use a safety door. If the safety door travel switch fails, it is not allowed to turn on, and it is strictly forbidden to operate without the safety door (cover).

            (3) Non-duty operators and anyone without permission are not allowed to press the switches and buttons.

            (4) When placing molds and inserts, they must be stable and reliable. If abnormalities are found during mold clamping, the machine should be shut down immediately to eliminate the fault.

            (5) When the machine is repaired or the mold is cleaned for a long time, the power must be cut off. Copper and other soft metal materials should be used to clean up the residual material or products in the mold.

            (6) Cover and install the electrical appliances, hydraulic and rotating parts of the operating equipment, cover plates, protective covers, etc., and tighten the fixing bolts.
            (7) When the body enters the mold opening, it must be shut down. When the maintenance personnel repair the machine, the operator is not allowed to leave the post.

            (8) Avoid hitting the fixed mold with the injection seat when the mold is opened to prevent the fixed mold from falling off.

            (9) Air injection generally does not exceed 5 seconds each time. When two consecutive injections do not move, pay attention to notify nearby personnel to avoid the dangerous area.

            (10) If the equipment and mold are found to be abnormal, notify the maintenance personnel in time for maintenance.

            (三) Precautions for shutdown

            (1) The power supply of oil pumps and motors must be cut off when shutting down, and the main power supply must be cut off when shutting down the last shift of the holiday. The mold cavity should be oiled to prevent rust, and the hopper gate should be closed.

            (2) Turn off the barrel and mold cooling water to prevent mold rust.

            (3) When the machine is stopped, the injection seat is separated from the fixed template, and the mold is in the open position.

            (4) Clean up the machine platform, ground, tools and fixtures.

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