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          1. Hopper Plastic Dryer - A Plastic Rotary Dishwasher That Will Make Your Life Easier!

            Hopper Plastic Dryer - A Plastic Rotary Dishwasher That Will Make Your Life Easier!

            Summary:Hopper Plastic Dryer is known as the world's leading manufacturer of heavy duty, industrial drying e...

            Hopper Plastic Dryer is known as the world's leading manufacturer of heavy duty, industrial drying equipment. The company was founded in 1955 by Frank Hopper, who was a carpenter by trade. Frank Hopper's son Richard worked with his father on this project and they came up with what we know today as the hopper dryer. Today the Hopper Products division is run by Richard Hopper, who continues to keep the name of the original in name and design of this fantastic machine.

            There are several features in the Hopper Plastic Dryer that set it apart from your normal conventional washers and dryers. The first feature is that it can dry clothes quicker than a conventional dryer. This means saving you precious time that you might otherwise spend in drying your clothes. Another benefit is that your clothes will not get caught up in the revolving arms of your China hopper dryer which could easily happen if you have clothes stacked high or on high shelves in your home laundry room. This feature helps to prevent this problem.

            In addition to these unique qualities the Hopper Plastic Dryer has a number of features that you might not find on any other brand of commercial washer or dryer. The first such feature is that the china hopper dryer has an advanced security system that can be manually or automatically activated. The automatic setting allows you to switch between two settings; low heat and high heat depending on the type of clothes you are drying. Also this advanced security system prevents you from accidentally turning the security system on and off. You also have the option of choosing between either dry and warm air dry or warm air only dry.

            One other exceptional feature of the Hopper Plastic Dryer is its ability to absorb up to 75% less moisture than traditional dryers. It features a built in hygrometer that allows the dryer to measure the moisture content of the air surrounding your clothes. This feature helps you to know how much water and fabric you will need to dry your clothes with the Hopper. You can actually see the water beads in the air using an advanced LCD screen. There is also a built in fabric steamer that helps remove wrinkles from your clothing while it is drying. In addition it has an integrated humidistat that allows your dryer to run at a constant cool temperature so your clothes to stay fresh and don't get hot while in the dryer.

            To protect the safety of all of your customers and employees the Hopper Plastic Dryer from the Midwest Maid service is connected with a rolling dock lid that locks. This unit is manufactured with a steel reinforced bottom to prevent slippage from being a problem. The exterior has been designed to be non-abrasive and slip resistant for a long lasting performance. The interior features a non-skid black polypropylene material that will prevent spills from setting in. This plastic machinery is fully equipped with a push button start button, variable speed fan, and a cycle count of approximately 13,500. The exterior has been finished to give it a professional look, and will not need painting or powder coating.

            Hopper Plastic Dryer is being used by various industries such as carpet cleaners, dry cleaners, automotive body repair shops, shipping companies, home appliance stores, and other retail stores. They are being used in numerous large retail stores as well as restaurants. Their efficiency and reliability have earned them many loyal customers and are known around the world. All you need to do to find out more about this great plastic crusher machine is to visit our website.

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