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          1. Hoper Power MaxExtract Review

            Hoper Power MaxExtract Review

            Summary:The SDF Hopper Plastic Dryer has been designed with the leading manufacturers in mind. It has been d...

            The SDF Hopper Plastic Dryer has been designed with the leading manufacturers in mind. It has been designed for a number of appliances, including drying, air-conditioning, and heating. It has been designed specifically for an efficient energy saving, commercial setting. The product features a unique ductless technology that allows for a fast, clean, and uniform transfer of air through the drying panels. This is achieved through the use of a number of unique and patented venting and air compression systems.

            (a) Hopper Plastic Dryer: Commercial HVAC applications call for exceptional drying speed and uniform heating. ((6) High Efficiency Compression: Utilizing state-of-the-art compression techniques, Hopper offers high heat transfer performance. (7) Advanced Direct Air Valve Technology: It uses Direct Air Valve technology, which is the latest in direct air flow controls. (8) Easy Maintenance: The HVAC system is easy to maintain and can be easily replaced. (9) Energy Efficient: It is designed with energy efficient specifications that provide a 50% savings on energy consumption when compared to conventional heaters.

            (b) Commercial Features: (i) The front panel contains a large quantity of mesh that increases drying speed and lowers the overall temperature. ((This feature is ideal for high humidity environments.)

            (c) Dual Vibrating Cooling System: The cooling fan within the appliance doubles as a vibrating cooling unit. This helps to evenly distribute warm air throughout the room. (d) Indicator LED: Indicators are provided on the control panel to indicate the various temperatures. (e) Built-in Battery: The Hoper Power MaxExtract features a built-in rechargeable battery. Rechargeable batteries are highly useful as they help to extend the life of your heating appliance.

            (f) Low voltage Operation: The MaxExtract is completely compliant with Energy Star and is therefore safe for residential use. (g) Automatic On/Off Switch: It has an automatic on/off switch which helps you maintain the setting throughout the day. (h) Full LED Lights: It comes with full LED lights, which provide bright illumination in areas where light bulbs are not available. (i) Temperature sensing: It is fitted with a temperature sensing thermostat which senses the temperature and switches on the heater only when it reaches the set point. (j) Mold Sensor: It helps to keep the mold production in check.

            (k) Material Testing: (LW-series): The manufacturer has ensured the maximum performance of its products by conducting various material and power tests. (M/R-series): The manufacturers have ensured the efficiency and longevity of the unit by conducting both the M/R-series and L/R-series tests. (L/R-series): The L/R-series test is a more advanced and demanding test than the M/R-series. This series is used to ensure that your heater does not waste heat by over-heating, as this can lead to catastrophic damage to the appliance.

            (l) Safety Features: The heater has safety locking devices to safeguard your electrical appliances. It also features a two stage ignition system and dual voltage output. The flame resistant and waterproof design and the low moisture content help it to be corrosion resistant. It is also equipped with non-flammable drywall breaker and surge protector.

            (m) Heater Control Panel: The control panel of this Hoper Power MaxExtract Heater has an intuitive user interface. It is easy to read and understand and comes with an in-built manual. It controls the temperature of the heating elements. The control panel has five programmable control buttons. These buttons can be assigned to various activities such as heating, cooling, idle, and protect.

            (n) Warranty: This Hoper Power MaxExtract Heater comes with a one year warranty. You will get a remote control with it so that you can control the temperature of the heater easily. The remote control can be used without any wire or cable. It is dishwasher safe, so it can be used in the dishwashers as well.

            (o) Heater Sensors: The thermostats are sensitive and need some time to get used to the changes in the temperature of the power and the flame. This means that they may not fire all the time, but come into play only when the temperatures get very high or extremely low. These sensors help in taking the automatically generated heat from the power and send it out to the rooms through the air vents. They work on a combination of instructions provided by the heater manufacturer.

            (p) Control Panel: The control panel of the heater has a large display screen for showing the setting of the heater. You can adjust the temperature of the fan and flame of the heater. It comes with a shut off button, so that it can safely be shut off when the power is turned off. The heater can also be switched on manually with a normal switch or button.

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