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          1. Energy-saving transformation of servo injection molding machine

            Energy-saving transformation of servo injection molding machine

            Summary:The injection molding industry is facing an opportunity for rapid progress. However, in the cost str...

            The injection molding industry is facing an opportunity for rapid progress. However, in the cost structure of injection molding products, electricity costs account for a considerable proportion. According to the needs of Qingdao injection molding machine facilities, the traditional injection molding machine oil pump motor consumes electricity. The proportion is as high as 80%-90%. As the energy problem becomes more and more serious, energy conservation and consumption reduction are the basic national policies of the society, and cost reduction and efficiency increase are the core of enterprise competition. Energy conservation has become more and more tight. Designing and manufacturing a new generation of energy-saving injection molding machines has become an urgent need to pay attention to and solve problems. Today, servo energy-saving technology has been successfully applied to injection molding machines, than ordinary quantitative pump injection molding machines. 80% energy saving, up to 50% energy saving than variable pumps, and 10% increase in production rate. The manufacturer of injection molding machines has started mass production and will become a home product.

            For the servo energy-saving retrofit of the ordinary injection molding machine being used, it will not help, and the advantages of increasing production, energy saving, and consumption reduction are nearly all-motor. The injection molding machine customers will be able to reduce the cost, green the office background, and continue to rise in other costs. Today, trust will prevail. Energy saving is eternal during the development of the production and use of injection molding machines.

            The traditional injection molding machine is an open-loop oil pump and an asynchronous motor system; the asynchronous motor does not stop after it is turned on. There are many procedures for the injection molding machine. There are different stages of power in each procedure. There is a huge gap between these pressures and flow. The motor oil pump is quantitative. The displacement is the maximum output, except for melting glue and shooting. The rubber pressure must be larger than the displacement. Others will be larger or smaller. Where can the power output of the motor oil pump go? In addition to the required action, the overflow valve and the throttle valve are all flowed back to the injection molding machine fuel tank, which forms a lot of waste. Secondly, the injection molding machine in the process of cooling the product is not office, but the motor oil pump still has the maximum power output. All the flow back from the overflow valve and the throttle valve to the fuel tank is equal to waste. And it is open loop control stability is not as good as closed loop control.

            The servo motor system is a closed-loop system. The injection molding machine requires a number of pressure flows to give a number of pressure flows, no more and no less, and the production products are very stable. Because the servo system is a closed loop, let the action oil go to the action valve, that is to say, this action requires a certain amount of pressure flow. It is based on the pressure sensor and the encoder feedback to the drive to control the servo motor oil pump. This is one of the superficial energy-saving methods. When the pressure is maintained, the asynchronous motor is required to be operated under a large load, and the load is a large current, and the current is also large. The servo motor is just the opposite. The servo motor is the torque holding pressure for the spleen and the cold gear. The internal gear pump can be used for low rotation and high pressure. Therefore, it is more energy-efficient than the original system and frequency conversion. This is the second of energy saving. The servo motor does not need electricity when cooling, because the injection molding machine does not have an office signal, so the servo driver will not give a signal to the servo motor, which is the third energy-saving method.

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