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          1. China Plastic Machinery Development

            China Plastic Machinery Development

            Summary:Plastic machinery plays an important role in plastic production. Since the beginning of the 21st cen...

            Plastic machinery plays an important role in plastic production. Since the beginning of the 21st century, China's plastic machinery industry has achieved sustained and rapid development. It is one of China's fastest-growing industries, and its main economic indicators rank among the top of the national machinery industry.

            After years of development in China's plastic machinery industry, a relatively concentrated production cluster has initially formed. It is mainly distributed in the three regions of the Bohai Rim, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. In recent years, China's plastic machinery industry has accelerated the development of new products and technologies through the introduction and assimilation of foreign advanced manufacturing technologies. In the future, the product technology of the plastic machinery industry will mainly develop around the following aspects:

            Miniaturization is an important development direction for various products in the future, and more and more market demands are present. This is exemplified by the obvious development momentum that has been shown in the electronics, information, electrical appliances, medical, biological and other departments. For example, plastic tube production equipment with a diameter of less than 0.5 mm used to replace human blood vessels is already under development in some places.

            For a long time, the uniformity and fixedness of the models and functional specifications of plastic machinery have been unable to meet market demand. Due to the frequent changes in the requirements of plastic products produced and the consideration of effective investment in operations, customers need the plastic machinery industry to provide them with market-adaptable plastic machinery equipment; on the other hand, with the rapid evolution of industrialization to commercialization, large Scale and mass production are also inevitable laws of manufacturing.

            The development of automation and intelligent plastic machinery products will significantly improve the operation stability and reliability of plastic machinery, effectively improve the high-quality and low-consumption production functions of plastic machinery, and provide solidity for the realization of unmanned workshops and unmanned factories. Technical basis.

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