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          1. How To Identify The Problem Of Industrial Chiller

            How To Identify The Problem Of Industrial Chiller

            Summary:  Knowing how to identify problems with industrial chillers early on will help prevent the equipment...

              Knowing how to identify problems with industrial chillers early on will help prevent the equipment from burning out prematurely and requiring a complete replacement. Any catastrophic failure could have been avoided if the problem had been detected in time. Of course, regular preventive maintenance on the industrial chiller can detect problems in time and keep the industrial chiller operating at optimal performance. When problems are identified in time, any overall chiller repair cost can be reduced by addressing what remains a minor issue. Waiting a long time to fix minor issues can result in costly downtime costs.

              A good preventive maintenance program will include inspection and analysis of the following points to detect problems early:

              ·Oil analysis

              · Eddy's current testing and testing

              · Refrigeration test

              ·Vibration analysis

              ·Infrared camera

              ·Rotor bar test

              Industrial chiller problems should be noticed, but first, you need to be able to identify them. Below is a list of potential issues that, if addressed now, would save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in high repair bills, or would avoid the need to replace the entire chiller itself.

              No pumping and/or insufficient fluid flow

              This is a serious problem that now requires a call to the service line. Failure to respond to this problem will result in catastrophic failure of the entire chiller. A pump failure could be the culprit here, but many other possible causes could be the culprit as well, such as fluctuating line voltage or stress on the production line. A certified technician needs to inspect the equipment to find the cause and make repairs.

              no cooling

              Another major issue that needs to be addressed now. Possible causes include a clogged air filter, which is a preventative maintenance issue, and chiller coolant could also be a possible cause. Sometimes the coolant is not at the required temperature, sometimes the heat transfer quality just deteriorates with cost, or there may even be a coolant leak. If it's freezing, even the evaporator could be the culprit for the problem.

              The industrial chiller is not powered on

              If the industrial chiller is not powered on, it may face downtime costs. There are three main reasons for this situation, including loose connections, blown circuit breakers or fuse failures, and incorrect phase connections.


              If your tubes are dirty, this will affect heat transfer efficiency. The evaporator and condenser tubes need to be cleaned. Did you know that a very large industrial chiller can contain miles of piping? If the efficiency of the industrial chiller drops, the pipes may be dirty. Pipes can become clogged with algae, scale, sludge, silt, and other pollutants. Weather and whether the system is on or off will affect the fouling rate and water quality here. Hard water, for example, can speed up the entire process. These tubes should be cleaned at least annually to maintain efficient performance and avoid costly repairs due to aging equipment.

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