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          1. How Does A Hopper Plastic Dryer Solve The Problem Of Anti-corrosion?

            How Does A Hopper Plastic Dryer Solve The Problem Of Anti-corrosion?

            Summary:  How does the hopper plastic dryer solve the problem of anti-corrosion? In the plastic production i...

              How does the hopper plastic dryer solve the problem of anti-corrosion? In the plastic production industry, the plastic hopper plastic dryer is indispensable. In various industries, the hopper plastic dryer has gradually replaced the traditional hot air dryer. In the process of choosing the hopper plastic dryer, It is very important to identify the drying properties of materials. Materials can be divided into hygroscopic and non-hygroscopic. Then follow Zhenfei Injection Molding Machine to see how the hopper plastic dryer solves the problem of anti-corrosion.

              The so-called corrosion is the oxidation of metal, which is most easily affected by humidity. When the humidity in the air reaches a certain level, a very thin and invisible moisture film (ie, water film) is usually formed on the metal surface. When this water film reaches a thickness of 20-30 molecules, it becomes the electrolyte film required for electrochemical corrosion. In many parts of the world, the average relative humidity can reach 75%. Using a hopper plastic dryer, the relative humidity can easily be reduced to 35-50%. Under this condition, there will be no corrosion problem in the steel, which greatly reduces the maintenance and repair costs of the equipment.

              In daily life, high relative humidity will bring many problems. From the storage of raw materials to the production, packaging, transportation, and storage of products, relative humidity is affected. Therefore, to improve product quality, humidity control is necessary. Even small changes in relative humidity can produce mold. Mold growth also tends to be caused by other humidity-related issues like condensation and icing. Different relative humidity products have different types of mold. But when the relative humidity reaches 70%, the mold will grow exponentially.

              Mold exists in a wide range and exists in almost all items. Even in extremely dry conditions, it will exist for a long time, and the incubation period can sometimes reach decades or even hundreds of years. Moisture can directly affect the electrical performance of electronic components, changing the original characteristics of the circuit until it is damaged. In the country's air defense system, 20% of the damage to electronic products is mainly caused by excessive humidity in the air.

              When the ambient humidity is high, the resistance of the insulating material of electronic products will drop, which will cause a short circuit of the product, resulting in the failure and damage of the product. If the relative humidity can drop to 45%, the possibility of product damage will be greatly reduced. Damage can be reduced in half compared to 80% relative humidity. Moist air is sometimes a conductor, and some high-power electronic devices, such as radar or communication equipment, may generate sparks or even catch fire when they encounter a too humid environment. Humidity can also cause ionization of the air in the waveguide of the radar system, which can cause malfunction. Therefore, it is necessary to control the humidity of the air inside the radar.

              How the hopper plastic dryer solve the problem of anti-corrosion is introduced here. The dehumidifier is composed of a compressor, a fan, and other components. The fan will suck air in, and the heat exchanger will condense the moisture into water droplets and then discharge it.

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