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          1. How many injection molding machines are there

            How many injection molding machines are there

            Summary:Different types of injection molding machines1. Different types of injection molding machines Plasti...

            Different types of injection molding machines
            1. Different types of injection molding machines Plastic bottle forming machines can usually be divided into two categories: one uses a single-stage hot preforming method and the other uses a two-stage cold preforming method. In a single-stage machine, the entire process from PET granules to finished bottles is carried out in one machine. This machine is usually used for small and medium production. ASB is the pioneer of the single-stage method and remains the global leader in single-stage blow molding machines. The two-stage method uses two separate machines.


            The preform is injection molded on the first; then it is reheated and blown into the second. The two-step method is more suitable for medium to large-scale production. It is worth noting that the two-step PET bottle production line requires a lot of investment. You have to spend a lot of money on large preform injection molding machines and spend more money to obtain technical professionals with expertise in operating such machines. However, with the introduction of ASB's PM series preform forming machines, the situation has improved. The machine utilizes advanced molding technology developed by the company's one-step molding machine to provide higher production value at an economical cost.

            When used with the blow mold of ASB machines, it can produce exquisite PET bottles without any type or form defects. Injection molding machines, also known as injection presses, are machines used to manufacture plastic products by injecting plastic materials into molds. The materials of the parts are fed into the heated barrel, mixed, and then put into the cavity, and finally the cavity becomes hard. These types of machines consist of two parts-the injection unit and the clamping unit. Types of hydraulic injection machines Hydraulic machines are the oldest and most popular injection machines and can be used for a variety of purposes and applications. Hydraulic presses come in different sizes and are ideal for performing repetitive tasks with considerable precision. They have an attractive price / performance ratio and can provide a variety of equipment alternatives to meet specific applications and energy needs.


            2. Electrical is also known as Motor Terminology (EMT), which can reduce operating costs and is ideal for mass production of high-end injection molded parts. Quieter, faster and more accurate electric presses are also considered to be more environmentally friendly than hydraulic presses. Mixers Mixers are known for their strong performance in thermoplastic processing. As the name suggests, these machines combine the power and precision of electricity with the power and power of hydraulic presses to achieve ultimate performance. High-quality machines provided by high-quality manufacturers and suppliers of molding machines score highly on important parameters such as performance, reliability, safety and cost-effectiveness.

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