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          1. Detailed introduction of high-speed injection molding machine

            Detailed introduction of high-speed injection molding machine

            Summary:The function of the accumulator is to store the pressure oil in the hydraulic system and release it ...

            The function of the accumulator is to store the pressure oil in the hydraulic system and release it again when needed.
            1. As an auxiliary power source, the speed varies greatly within a working cycle (or within a stroke). After an accumulator is installed in this system, a pump with a lower power can be used to reduce the power of the main drive. The size of the entire hydraulic system is small, light in weight and low in price.
            2. As an emergency power source
            3. Supplement leakage and maintain constant pressure
            4. Absorb hydraulic shock
            5. Absorb pulsation and reduce noise

            Unique low-noise oil circuit design and high-performance injection molding machine
            High-speed mold opening and closing, precise temperature control, precise injection weight control, excellent energy saving, high rate of return on investment

            1. Clamping part
            The new generation of switchable clamping device and the best computer simulation switchable parameters enable the active template to operate quickly and smoothly. When combined with a box-type movable plate, a fixed template and a high-rigidity switch structure, it has high strength and fatigue resistance. Compared with similar machines, it has larger tie rod inner distance, mold space and mold opening stroke, and can process larger specifications of products

            2. Hydraulic part
            High-efficiency, energy-saving and high-precision proportional pressure and variable pump system enable the hydraulic system to match the energy required by the entire machine without the need for high-pressure throttle and overflow energy loss. Compared with fixed pump, energy saving can reach 30%-60%. The engine of the same power may be equipped with a larger displacement oil pump to increase the machine speed. In addition, low oil temperature can extend the service life of the seal.
            The imported high-performance precision oil filter device further extends the normal operation of the hydraulic system. The buffer system is used in each mold opening and closing oil circuit to ensure stable mold opening and closing operation without collision. In addition, the unique clamping operation ensures high production efficiency.

            3. Injection molding part
            The short and powerful dual-cylinder injection system can ensure stable injection activities. The strain-free fixed template and the well-designed screw help to achieve good plasticizing capacity and efficiency. Nissan's high-toughness non-return ring at the screw head and tail has high heat resistance and wear resistance after special heat treatment, and maintains high hardness in high-temperature operations. The screw and barrel made of ## alloy steel have the characteristics of high hardness and high corrosion resistance and wear resistance. A PID temperature controller combined with a high-precision electronic ruler and an injection pressure and speed control machine can maintain pressure, back pressure, melting and other activities to ensure the quality of formed products and continuous production. Automobile material preparation and flow inspection have no anti-freezing start-up failure function to ensure efficient, simple and safe operation.

            4. Control part
            Unique high-performance control of injection molding machine. Chinese and English are interchangeable, clear, visible and easy to operate.

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